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Mrs. Justiniani—Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Justiniani has been teaching in Christian

education for over 20 years.  This is her fourth

year teaching at VCA. She is married and attends

Calvary Chapel Church.  


Miss Cedano —Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Cedano has been teaching preschool for

four years.  This is her second year at VCA.  


Mrs. Siqueiros —Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Siqueiros has been teaching at VCA

for 18 years.  She has taught Pre-Kindergarten

and Kindergarten.  She is married and has

two children and three grandchildren.  


Ms. Wong—First Grade Teacher

Ms. Wong has worked at VCA for

three years.  She has served in Christian

Education for 10 years.  Throughout the years,

she has taught 1st grade, elementary PE,

Junior High Language Arts, History, and

American Sign Language.  She has a BA from

the University of Southern California.  


Mrs. Harper—Second Grade Teacher

This is Mrs. Harper's sixth teaching 2nd

grade at VCA.  She has been a 2nd grade

teacher in Christian Education for over 20 years. 


Mrs. Jones — Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jones is happily married and the

mother of three boys.  She has been

part of the VCA family for over 15 years. 

This is her eighth year teaching third grade. 

She attends Crossword Christian Church

where she teaches and participates in

the women's ministry. 


Mrs. Jones —Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jones has been married for 28 years

and has 4 children.  She attends Calvary

Chapel Nuevo.  She has a BA in Elementary

Education and has been teaching for 22

years.  She has experience in Preschool,

homeschooling, substitute teaching, 3rd

and 4th grade. 


Mrs. Travers—Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Travers has been a teacher at VCA for

four years. She currently teaches 5th grade. 

She has also taught 6th grade.  She and her

husband have been married for 15 years and

have 3 children who attend VCA.  She is a

member of Grace Lutheran Church.  She has

been a youth group director, taught VBS and

Sunday School.  She has an AS Degree in Child

Development and a BA in Human Services.


Mr. Bryant —Sixth Grade Homeroom

Mr. Bryant teaches 6th grade Bible, Spelling,

History, Science, and electives, Jr. High Boys PE,

7th grade & 8th grade History.


Mr. Bryant is married and has six

 children and one grandchild.  He

has a Bachelor's of Science Degree. 

He has been teaching at VCA for

seventeen years.  He has been a senior

pastor for 34 years at churches in

Moreno Valley and Rialto.  


Mr. Sweiss —Seventh Grade Homeroom

Mr. Sweiss teaches 7th Grade Bible and

Jr. High Math and Science.


Mr. Sweiss has been teaching at VCA

for four years.  He has been involved

in youth ministry.  He has been a Christian

Education Director and Assistant program

Manager at High Peak Camp.  He attended

California Baptist University.  


Mrs. Mayer — Eight Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Mayer teaches 8th Grade Bible and

Jr. High Language Arts, Literature, Art.


Mrs. Mayer has been married for 46

years.  She has two sons and eight

grandchildren.  She has been in Christian

Education for 39 years; 29 of which have

been at VCA. She has served as a teacher,

preschool director, and elementary principal.