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3 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Our Private Christian School (even if you aren’t religious).


1. More Teacher Time for Your Child

The average school in Southern California has a ratio of 25 students for every teacher. With our average class size of 12 and maximum class size set to 20, the teachers at Valley Christian Academy grant students with the advantage of a more personal and thorough learning experience.


2. A Focus on Morality

Every morning each class at Valley Christian Academy begins with prayer, and teachings from the Bible. On Fridays, the school assembles in the main building for Chapel. Each child is encouraged and given the opportunity to introspect the state of their world view, moral beliefs, and the condition of their spiritual well being as presented in the Bible. Along with Biblical council from our educators, we are blessed to have seen so many generations of mature, and conscientious young people graduate from our school.


3. A Safe and Wholesome Environment

Imagine sending your child to a school without any fear of drugs, alcohol, or fighting. Imagine an environment without the influence of mobile internet in each child’s hands. While we can’t control everything that children think and talk about, we can majorly influence the turn of the conversation. At Valley Christian Academy we go through great lengths to keep a watchful eye over our students, because we believe that we are stewards of your child’s mental and spiritual as well as academic.