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Pre-School Events at VCA

The following ae a few examples of the events we have annually for Pre-K


Pumpkin Patch

Harvest is a time rich with significance for us here at VCA. With Thanksgiving on it's way, and so much worldly influence weighing on the season we take the opportunity to celebrate all the God has blessed us with. Each child celebrates with their own pumpkin and crafts along with storytime from our local "farmer" (usually this is our own Pastor Martin Saine in overalls).



For thirty years we have raised money for St. Jude's children's hospital through the Trik-A-Thon. Children ride around our track and in the process learn to do charity work as outreach service for the Lord.


Christmas Play and Easter/Spring Presentation

At VCA we are excited to teach the Message of Jesus Christ to everyone. In the spirit of spreading the Gospel, students partake in song and performing arts each Christmas and Easter.