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Does VCA follow Common Core Standards?

VCA uses nationally recognized Christian curricula that have a long history of meeting and exceeding standards. 

Is there financial assistance available?

 As a non-profit organization VCA charges what it cost to educate each child.  We strive to provide a Christian education at an affordable rate.  Given the low rates, we are unable to offer financial assistance.

Is it possible to monitor my child’s grades and homework?

Yes, parents may view grades and homework assignments on ParentsWeb.

Do you offer a multi-child discount?

Yes.  If you enroll a second child you will receive a 10% discount.  The third child receives a 15% discount.

How is your school different than a public school?

We teach Christian values.  Each grade level has Bible courses and the Christian faith is taught throughout the curriculum.  We expect high levels of achievement, provide for a safer environment, and have high standards of discipline for the student body. 

How long has your school been here?

VCA has been serving the community of Moreno Valley since 1979.